Field Guide

Head Mounts

  1. Cut up the back of the neck.
  2. Your second cut crosses between the horn bases to form a "T".
  3. Cut the cape very long, at the center or behind the shoulder leaving plenty of excess skin at the brisket is very important.
  4. When head, skin and feet are to be utilized, preferably, leave skin intact.
  5. As you are removing the skin from the skull, go slow. Be very careful at the eyes. Don't cut off the eyelids. Use your finger as a guide.
  6. Cut close to the skull at the lips and nose. Saving the skull isn't required for head mounts or rugs.
  7. Save only the top of the skull with the horns attached. Cut through center of eyes. See illustration.
  8. Wash blood off antelope or white sheep capes or hides. Blood will stain these animals.

Rugs and lifesize cuts

  1. These cuts are used for all rug and lifesize mounts, EXCEPT lifesize mounts are not cut up the throat.
  2. The skull is removed through an incision in back of the neck the same as for a head mount. Do not detach the cape from the rest of the skin.
  3. Leave hooves or claws attached to the hide.
  4. Be sure to skin the tail and toes out to the last joint.